Smith Realty of Lexington North Carolina, Builders and Developers Serving Peidmont NC owned by Dan Smith. Developments include, Crane Point, Laurel Cliff, Lingle Farm and Millers Creek.
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Lexington, NC 27293
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Over the past 40 years, Smith Realty has left its mark on several sections of High Rock Lake, from larger subdivisions like Watership Downs, where more than 100 homes sit serenely on the shoreline, to smaller lake developments like Waterview and Old Mountain Harbor, where some lots reach four acres in size.

Smith Realty has also developed several other types of residential properties, including townhomes, condominiums, apartments and duplexes.

Georgetowne Townhomes in Lexington were designed primarily as a residential community for young professionals.

Green Hill development, a single-level duplex apartment complex, was designed for elderly residents seeking affordable housing in Lexington.

Twin Gardens, a duplex development on the southern side of Winston-Salem, offers affordable housing to those seeking a home with smaller square footage and lower heating and cooling costs.

Smith Realty also built traditional residential subdivisions such as Westcliff, a small subdivision just west of Lexington with a variety of home styles tucked away in wooded lots for privacy.